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      about us

      Company Profile 

      Superhuman, set up in 1983, which is a leading manufacturer for personal care and small household appliances in China. After internal adjustment, Superhuman change  the company name into “Zhejiang Superhuman Technology Co., Ltd”, and current main product series are men shaver, hair dryer, hair clipper, lint remover, other personal care and household appliances.

      Superhuman had updated our production system since 2016, adopting central conveying system and manipulator to inject and monitoring system in assembling line.Superhuman is with plant areas over1 million square feet,including 2 injection plants, dust-free plants, assembling plants with over 30 assembling lines, and self-researching and developing strength with over 64R&D engineers and 54QC engineers to maintain our products in high quality. The supporting facilities include safety lab,EMC & EMI lab,product performance and life testing labs. 

      Superhuman is certified with the international ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard, ISO 13485:2003 medical device-Quality  management system and ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate. Our products have been covered by PLI and the approvals of ETL/CETL, GS, CE, EMC. RoHS etc.


      Corporate Culture

      Scientific and Technological Seiko and Innovation


      Scientific and Technological Seiko and Innovation


      The company won the title of “National High-tech Enterprise” and “China Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit”

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